Understanding Rural Transportation Needs & Options for Dufferin

Inadequate transportation options are a reality for Dufferin County residents and the need to enhance available options has been identified as a community priority by many different groups, organizations and individuals.

Launching a Rural Transportation Learning Group

Headwaters Communities in Action has partnered with the County of Dufferin  to convene a small group of community leaders from various sectors to form The Dufferin Rural Transportation Learning Group to explore possible solutions.

The Learning Group’s work will focus on the following three tasks:

  1. Develop a shared understanding of the current alternative transportation options that exist in Dufferin County.
  2. Learn about possible models and options for addressing transportation issues that are operating in other rural communities and might offer ideas that can be replicated in Dufferin County.
  3. Establish a group of local champions who would be willing to learn together and develop recommendations to enhance transportation options in Dufferin County.

View the group’s purpose statement.

The Learning Group recently participated in a video learning event coordinated by the Ontario Trillium Foundation that profiled successful rural transportation models operating across Ontario. Learn more about this video event here.

Next Steps: Confirming Dufferin’s Transportation Assets & Needs

The Dufferin Rural Transportation Learning Group’s goal is to develop some specific recommendations for how the County can begin to enhance the capacity of its alternative transportation system and for whom.

Working with a broad view of the County as a whole, the group intends to:

  1. Create an inventory and map of all current transportation services:
    • Where are these services located
    • Eligibility Criteria
    • Costs
    • Availability
  1. Determine current unmet needs
  2. Identify potential solutions from other jurisdictions
  3. Develop recommendations for shared community action

Over the next several weeks, Group members will be conducting interviews with key community stakeholders to assist them in better understanding this issue from various perspectives.

2 Comments on “Understanding Rural Transportation Needs & Options for Dufferin

  1. Good on HCIA for landing well w OTF. Wishing you good results in your work. As you make your way on the transportation file, please call on us to provide resources, service models, software scheduling options, fleet options and back office operations possibilities. We continue to focus on the transportation file as well in the Town of Caledon, it remains one of our most sensitive files given that it is a lifeline for hundreds in our community.

    New services and gap analyses are all well and good in any community but without accessibility, they’re not going to be used. Cheers!! ML

    • Thanks so much Monty! For sure we will keep you posted on our progress. In fact, a “road trip” out your way is a distinct possibility for members of our Learning Group!