Measuring Vitality

Well-Being is a definable and measurable determination of community health and resilience. It is how we identify the gaps and priorities and locate the funds and process to make life better together.

HCIA, with funding from the Rural Ontario Institute is launching a new project for Measuring Community Vitality as one of eight communities chosen. The project dives into best practices for translating Community Well-Being assessments into on the ground programs and action.

Our kickoff event on June 1 featured  Bryan Smale, Director of the Canadian Index of Well-Being (CIW) and Professor at Waterloo, who talked about the index and measurement for rural communities. The CIW is the key measurement in the Ontario Trillium Foundation’s funding strategy.

Here are the presentation documents from the kickoff event.

One Comment on “Measuring Vitality

  1. I would like participants of a seniors program at palgrave United community kitchen to complete this before and after their engagement in our seniors program.

    Great measurement tool.