Wayne Kalinski

Wayne Kalinski, Chief of Police, Orangeville Police Service

Wayne Kalinski, Chief of Police, Orangeville Police Service

Wayne joined the Orangeville Police Service in June of 2011. Prior to joining the Orangeville Police, Chief Kalinski served with the York Regional Police Service for 32 years.

Occupation: Chief of Police, Orangeville Police Service
Favorite food: Apple pie and ice cream
Guiltiest food pleasure:  Again, apple pie and ice cream, I only eat it on very special occasions
Family size: one
Estimate of how much you and your family spend on food per week:
Why you are participating in this project: To raise awareness to the issue that will ultimately help those in need through additional participants to our most valued Orangeville Food Bank.
Why this issue is important to you: The Orangeville Police Service is a regular contributor to the Orangeville Food Bank and other needy agencies in our community.  We want to contribute to those in need because it is the correct thing to do. It is important that citizens of Orangeville know that they can rely on their police service to help out in a time of need and throughout the year. We care about our community and we want to give back when we can.

Day 1

What are you missing the most?
I usually include fresh fruit or fresh vegetables with my meal this is something that I noted right away as missing
What are your challenges with cooking?
I’m not a big breakfast person so I combined breakfast with lunch. I boiled the 2 potatoes. and then I fried up one with a partial chopped up onion. I then had crispy home fries with an egg prepared sunny side up. It was pretty good. So I didn’t really have any issues preparing my lunch.
Your thoughts on taking the challenge vs. the reality for people facing economic hardship and limited access to food.
I would have liked the option of a salad or a piece of fruit today. Water was my only liquid.