The Main Tract Trail

Barred Owl Jones

A barred owl photographed at the edge of the main tract. Photo by Valerie Jones.

The Dufferin County Forest is a 2,500 acre forest divided into twelve tracts that are located across Dufferin County.  It is managed by the County of Dufferin on a sustainable, multi-use basis.

The forest serves many important functions including erosion and water control, natural heritage protection, biodiversity, wildlife habitat, recreational opportunities, and support of the rural economy through timber production.

Most of the larger tracts have an extensive trail system for hiking, cross-country skiing, non-motorized biking, horseback riding and other recreational activities.  Motorized recreation is not permitted, with the exception of snowmobiles on designated OFSC trails.

Features of the Main Tract

  • largest of the Dufferin County Forest tracts
  • extensive system of recreational trails which are in the process of being marked and mapped
  • large variety of tree species, including red pine, white pine, white spruce, sugar maple, white ash, beech, red oak, ironwood, butternut, and many othersGet the Trail Map
  • habitat for many different animals including white-tailed deer, ruffed grouse, wild turkeys, porcupine, and a variety of songbirds
  • a provincially recognized Area of Natural and Scientific Interest, the Oak Ridges South Slope Forest
Name The Main Tract Trail
Description This loop trail takes you through the largest of Dufferin County’s forests at 604 hectares.  The Main Tract lies next to the Terra Nova wetland complex.  As this is a very large property, keep track of where you’re heading and avoid side trails unless you have lots of time.  The variety of ecosystems will delight the naturalists in the family.  There are both conifer and hardwood plantations, as well as natural upland hardwoods.  A red pine plantation by the parking lot is used to demonstrate how thinning a plantation increases productivity in the long-term.
Activities Walking, hiking, cycling, cross country skiing, snowshoeing, horseback riding, snowmobiling.
Location 937513 Airport Road
Maps Main Tract Trail Map
Parking Parking lot
Trail Head 937513 Airport Road
Trail End 937513 Airport Road
Distance 1.5 km
Difficulty Easy to moderate
Surfaces Natural surface
Amenities None
Landmarks Large variety of tree species, including red pine, white pine, white spruce, sugar maple, white ash, beech, red oak, ironwood, butternut, and many others.
Cost No cost
Trail Web Site Dufferin County Forest
Closest Town Orangeville

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  1. Closest town is Shelburne and within #Mulmur there are the villages of Mansfield, Creemore, Rosemont, Violet Hill all offering food, fuel, shopping and overnight stays at Mountain Ash Farm, Foxingham Farm or camping at the Mansfield Outdoor Centre.
    We LOVE the forest and all the activities throughout the year hosted by Caroline Mach, Forest Manager found on Dufferin County Museum website.