What does a Leadership Council do?

What does it mean to be on the Leadership Council of HCIA?

First of all the Leadership Council is our Board with an emphasis on community leadership!

Since our inception in late 2004, HCIA has been a convener of community conversations.  We provide citizens with information about emerging issues and opportunities and also support the start-up of collaborative projects that enhance community well-being. We function as a backbone organization, a community partner and a communicator.

That means our Leadership Council members should be leaders from the community who can:

  • Act as Ambassadors for HCIA within the community
  • Identify and engage citizens to join the organization
  • Ensuring that all committees and projects are true to HCIA’s vision and mandate
  • Monitor the work of the Working Groups
  • Selecting and monitor consultants and other resources to support the work of HCIA
  • Keep an eye out for new initiatives, partnerships and connections
  • Approve an annual budget and oversee our financial management

We are happy to answer any questions – please get in touch with us!