Community Well-being Report 2016

To the citizens of Headwaters, our partners, our neighbours, our coworkers and our friends:

This second iteration of our Community Well-Being report brings many updates to previously established markers and continues to be a spotlight on not only how we are doing, but also where there are opportunities are to make life better together. Similar to five years ago, we have so very much to celebrate about living in Headwaters. What is it that we like, and what is it that we continue to be concerned about? Our citizen survey, circulated in 2015, was supplemented with feedback we heard in a series of community conversations we hosted. We have hosted a variety of events and almost all of them became opportunities to gather insights into the state of community well-being. Our definition of community well-being is maturing alongside the Canadian and Ontario indexes of well-being. As we stated in our previous report: HCIA, our grassroots citizen group, wanted to know what community well-being meant to you, so we asked and residents answered us. This report reflects upon what we heard and, we hope, will initiate conversations that move us to collective action for vibrant, just and sustainable community living. And we could not do all of what we do without the ongoing support of our partners, stakeholders, volunteers and engaged citizens. It is a privilege for me to be a part of not only this wonderful region, but also to chair a group that remains committed, innovative and continues to percolate approaches and opportunities to address those issues that need our focus.

Thank you for joining us on this journey.
Headwaters Communities in Action

Community Priorities in Headwaters 2016