DC Moves

Welcome to DC MOVES!

DCMovesLogoIt is an initiative to create a local association that will be designed to foster a “Made in Dufferin” agency integration model, and identify innovative and collaborative solutions to issues of shared concern. Working with a collaborative and service systems management mindset, organizations will be able to investigate service integration strategies, create a better sense of agency cohesiveness, enabling better services in our community.

“DC M.O.V.E.S.”

Dufferin County Managing Organizing Visualizing Engagement Strategy

Across the province, many local agencies are reviewing their business practices and, where possible, are enhancing their service delivery models to generate better outcomes. As a result of funding pressures, pressures to provide a greater number of outcomes, and requests from funders to better align with other local agencies, many local providers are relying on local information, data, and analytics to support many of their responsibilities. Some providers are moving to multi-agency models and with that, comes the expectation that such partnerships should address many local service concerns. Human services providers within Dufferin County, although providing valuable supports to individuals and families, have, in some cases, experienced challenges with local data collection, communication strategies, service overlap, and maintaining current information on available services. Many service providers are aware of each other’s mandates, client base, and availability in the community, but many service providers are not.

The Objective

As shared by many individuals and families utilizing services in Dufferin County, there are perceptions that services in Dufferin County are often disconnected. This is not unique to Dufferin County. As a result, community members often find it difficult to locate and/or navigate the different services available to them. These obstacles, at times, can deter one’s desire/ability to connect with a service provider and, in turn, create further obstacles for individuals. In an effort to better service members of this community, all agencies and their staff must be equipped with local service provider information, knowledge transfer opportunities, and acquire a big picture view of the human services landscape in Dufferin County.

The Opportunity

To increase the benefits to this ever-evolving community, it is necessary for human services providers to work closely together, increase their understanding of one another, and be better connected in order to enhance service systems management within the County.

An approach titled DC MOVES (Dufferin County – Managing Organizing Validating Engagement Strategies) is an initiative of the Dufferin County Community Services Department, in partnership with Headwaters Communities in Action (HCIA), who will be collaborating with Dufferin County to uncover opportunities to identify and develop innovative and/or collaborative solutions to these issues. The association will be designed to foster a “Made in Dufferin” agency integration model.   Working with a collaborative and service systems management mindset, organizations will be able to investigate service integration strategies, create a true sense of agency cohesiveness, and, ultimately, provide better services in our community.   The DC MOVES association will be made up of human services organizations, government, business community and people with lived experience found within the County of Dufferin. Amongst other goals, the association’s primary objective will be to maximize local agency information, increase training and learning opportunities, share in data collection, and address community needs in efforts to minimize service barriers faced by community members and staff working in such agencies.

The Benefits

DC MOVES will seek to provide the following benefits to its members:

  • Formal setting to participate and discuss local planning
  • Benefits from improved communication strategies between agencies
  • A venue for local tables to share and discuss local issues (i.e. Poverty, Transportation, Mental Health, Children and Youth, Employment, Accessibility, Housing and Homelessness, etc.)
  • Opportunity for agency staff to learn about other agencies
  • A real potential to pool resources
  • Share in the outcomes of collective impact strategies
  • Ongoing training and staff development opportunities

Members of the DC MOVES association will be able to share in the design and development of service systems management, and establish a coordinated approach to the provision of services within Dufferin County. The collaboration of service providers will assist in combating the effects of silos, therefore increasing cohesion within the sector. Decreasing silos not only minimizes the overlapping of services, but, also allows service providers to better coordinate their current services, and establish partnerships that may not have previously existed.

Benefits Can Also Include

  • Creation of a local human services provider association
  • Build collaborative approaches to service delivery
  • Create a social planning hub
  • Allow for the creation of a human services think-tank
  • Foster joint implementation strategies
  • Build data capturing and data sharing strategies
  • Allow for a venue to share programs, progress, ideas, and local strategies
  • Coordinate organizational knowledge transfer opportunities
  • Acquiring additional services needed in Dufferin County
  • Utilize collective impact strategies
  • Increase our ability to perform social planning/priority setting
  • Review provider mandates thus reducing the possibility of service duplication
  • Create opportunities to partner and acquire funding supports
  • Overall building of agency capacity

The Benefits to Community Members

For residents of Dufferin County, the key benefit of DC MOVES is the provision and making of a “no wrong door” approach to service delivery; community members can be connected to appropriate services no matter which service provider they contact first, even if they are not the service provider that the client requires. This simplistic approach to service delivery conveys a message of support, open communication, and a desire to assist individuals when in need.

DC MOVES perpetuates an approach inclusive of effective and efficient program delivery, and increased awareness of available services and service providers. The provision of a continuum of services, and service delivery strategies, also enhances the effectiveness of interventions that are available to assist community members with attaining the services/supports that they require. A collective approach by service providers eliminates systemic barriers that may have previously inhibited and discouraged community members from accessing services. Creating an environment which enables service providers to share information and resources, decreases the perception of silos, and creates an increased sense of inclusion and integration.

The Benefit to Dufferin County

DC MOVES provides an opportunity to minimize the impact of the social determinants of health within Dufferin County. Providing a platform for collaboration allows for increased connections between community members and service providers, in addition to working towards fostering a sustainable, vibrant, and inclusive community. Establishing a venue that fosters communication, and brings the possibility of information sharing, allows for enhanced communication between service providers. By design, affiliation with DC MOVES allows for innovation in service delivery within the County, and takes into consideration the needs specific to this community. A commitment to DC MOVES is a commitment to the betterment of the community at large.