Does Our Community Have Sufficient Access to Health and Social Services?

We could do much better. Access to services was identified as one of the top three concerns in HCIA’s 2008 citizen survey. And evidence shows that Dufferin and Caledon are underfunded or underserviced in some key health and social service areas.


  • Headwaters falls behind in FUNDING for some needed health and social services.
  • Access to services was one of the top three concerns of citizens of Headwaters in our 2008 survey.
  • Limited public transportation is an issue.  In Headwaters, getting to services, events, or even the grocery store can be a real challenge for the elderly, youth, and anyone without a vehicle.
  • There is a link between our ability to diversify available local jobs, improve rates of higher education (especially in Dufferin), and reduce commuting – all of which have a positive impact on community well-being
  • What role can citizens play to improve

As our population expands and as it ages, demand for such services is likely to increase.  When health services are not readily available, either in terms of geographic access or within reasonable time frames, an individual’s ability to contribute economically and socially to community life is limited. our local economy?

Celebrating Diversity: Living Library photo by Pete Paterson

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