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  • Developing and Revitalizing Rural Communities Through Arts and Culture – Arts, culture, and heritage are viewed not only as amenities to improve the quality of life, but as a foundation upon which the future of these rural/small communities rests. The arts and creative activities can profoundly affect the ability of a town not only to survive over time, but to thrive. This report, and its summary, highlight the common themes emerging around cultural development in rural areas and identify reoccurring critical ingredients to foster vibrant arts activity in rural and small communities.
  • Using Creativity to Enliven Urban and Rural VillagesThis paper, by the Caledon Institute of Social Policy, examines the influence of creativity on business and community development in two ‘villages’ – one in downtown Toronto, the other north of Ottawa. Inspired by Richard Florida’s creative cities work, these two very different communities are engaging diverse government and arts groups in the development and realization of exciting local projects.
  • Culture and Recreation: Links to Well-beingThis paper, by the Caledon Institute of Social Policy, explores the importance of culture and recreation for the health and well-being of individuals and communities. It concludes that culture and recreation are essential social amenities – or key elements of social infrastructure – that add significant value to cities and communities.


  • Caledon Heritage Office  – is responsible for coordinating the development and implementation of heritage conservation policies, programs and activities in cooperation with Heritage Caledon, the Town’s municipal heritage committee.
  • Dufferin County Museum and Archives– strives to collect, preserve, and interpret the history of Dufferin County by collecting artifacts and archival material that relate to the County’s historical development.  Built in the style of an Ontario bank barn, the museum’s striking architecture reflects the agricultural heritage of this central Ontario region.
  • Hills of Headwaters Tourism AssociationThere are over 200 artists working in every media imaginable in the Hills of Headwaters. Painters, potters, glassblowers, woodcarvers, weavers, sculptors and jewelers all create here – in styles that range from classical to contemporary to avant-garde!
  • Municipal Cultural Planning Inc – MCPI was formed as a coalition of provincial government agencies, municipalities, cultural service organizations, post-secondary institutions and others dedicated to promoting MCP across Ontario.  MCPI supports municipalities in integrating culture into all facets of community planning and decision-making as a means of building healthy, prosperous and sustainable communities.
  • Creative City Network of Canada: Municipalities are playing a growing role in the development of arts, culture and heritage in Canada. The Creative City Network of Canada (CCNC) is an organization of municipal staff working in communities across Canada on arts, cultural and heritage policy, planning, development and support.
  • Centre for Policy Studies on Culture and CommunitiesThis “think tank” of Simon Fraser University explores how cultural practices and ways of life contribute to sustainable communities and to a more inclusive society? We examine the interactions among urban, labour, social, economic, education and cultural policy today.

[1]  Developing and Revitalizing Rural Communities Through Arts and Culture:, Creative City Network of Canada, 2009, pg. 1

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