How Involved Are We?


We are involved, but need new approaches for continued involvement. Every day across Headwaters, people contribute their time, knowledge and money to help others.  Volunteerism was identified as the number one factor for community well-being in HCIA’s 2008 citizen survey.  Yet, non-profit and charitable organizations express growing concern about decreased volunteer participation and community donations.



  • Headwaters citizens are involved but new approaches are needed for continued involvement.
  • Area non-profit and charitable organizations have expressed growing concern about decreased volunteer participation and community donations and fear that economic and other personal pressures may be eroding the community’s “goodwill”.
  • Becoming informed about local issues and voting in elections are important acts of civic engagement.  Although Headwaters voter turnout improved in the last municipal election, it is still below the provincial average. Resilient communities engage their citizens in meaningful conversations.  Citizens want to make this contribution, but town hall meetings are not enough. Other promising approaches to meaningful citizen engagement are needed.
  • How can we work together to improve volunteerism and other forms of civic engagement?
Optimists Christmas in the Park – Photo by Andy MacIntosh

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