How Important is Our Local Culture?

Very important and thriving! The Headwaters region boasts a diverse and very active art and culture sector, and a vigorous approach to heritage preservation. Both contribute directly to community vitality and the feeling of “belonging” that citizens’ say is a primary reason they love living here.


    • These sectors also provide people with opportunities to gather together, stay connected, and celebrate community spirit.
    • The vibrant arts, culture and heritage of Headwaters makes a valuable contribution to our local economy through tourism and as a business attractor however, local arts/culture groups struggle to secure sustainable funding, particularly in economically depressed times.
    • Preserving heritage buildings and designing new structures to complement them also help make our downtowns distinctive as well as attractive tourism and shopping destinations.
    • Caledon and Dufferin are both above the provincial norm for growth in key subsectors within the arts and cultural industries.
    • How can we improve access to arts, culture and recreation in the Headwaters?

“The ways a community understands, celebrates and expresses itself, “are major contributing factors to its ability to withstand economic, political, and cultural winds of change.”1

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